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Question 17: WTFBBQ
~Darkgon01 asked the following:
"(Matt suggested I do this) How would you act if you were to meet [link]?"
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 8 16
Question 16: Favorite Summon?
~TheIceBender asked:
"What is your favorite summon and why?"
The Praetorian will have to be my choice. Does a fair bit of damage, and gives me more power behind my bullets.
I'm pretty glad I managed to hack that thing. Pretty hard reprogramming its core and S2 Engine, but it was well worth the effort.
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 7 38
Question 15: Nuclear or Solar?
~PtolemaiosLS asked the following:
another question that I did to your other split personality (or alternate universe or whatever)

"powerful and deadly nuclear reactors or unlimited clean solar energy?"

Sweet warheads reactors with a limited supply of fuel, or satellite-mounted cannons solar panels with potentially infinite power, but a fraction of the bang for more buck?

I'll rely on solar panels once the world around me is a charred wasteland.
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 6 1
Question 14: Favorite Food?
~Madame-Meepers asked the following:
"What is your favourite food?"
This dish.
I drink 'em four at a time, and eight in a day to keep me going. Natalie keeps telling me to limit it to two or three, but we all know how useful her advice actually is. After all, she won't stop that weird shaking whenever I look at her.
After that, I find MREs palatable. Matt says they stop his digestive system when he eats them, but he doesn't get it's an acquired taste.
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 7 10
Question 13: Cosmic Monolith?
~KaoTheHedgehog asked the following:
"I would like to hear your opinion on the dreaded Cosmic Monoliths. I'm surprised to see that the party has obtained one such specimen to aid you in battle. Please share your thoughts."

It's creepy as hell.
I know it's just a hunk of sentient rock, but it's still rather spooky. Sure, it looks like one of those slabs in a movie I saw with astronauts and some evil AI, but the etchings on it are rather unnerving. Not to mention we got it from a bunch of flashing graphics or something. There's definitely something fishy about that.
It's a joke when you're wearing clothes that can ward off the elemental energy swirling around it, but anything else and it will be the end of you, I can guarantee that, what with its laser and all.
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 6 3
Question 12: Valkyrie?
~ForesakenFortres asked the following:
" Hey Lance, how did you get the Valkyrie Tank?"
It was actually an asset provided for me by my father for the operation. It's a pretty standard vehicle in the Obsidian military. You've got your main gun, a custom grille mounted on the front, and an assortment of custom-
Wait, did I say "Obsidian"?
Um, I take it all back. That's classified information.
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 5 7
Question 11: Genderbend?
~Madame-Meepers asked me "What's the first thing you would do if you were turned into a girl?"
Well, I'll find Anna and propose to her!
Oh wait, I already did that.

:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 5 20
Questions 9 and 10--2X Combo!
~Ask-MattEBF asked the following:
So 2 questions. 

1. You have your tank Oblivion right so do you have a plane that does airstrikes? Or does your tank do that?

Haha, to be honest, I actually don't know. It's like they come out of thin air. Perhaps they come from hammerspace, like your swords?
Or from North Korea?
Wait never mind. Not from those guys.
Lance Be honest do you hate me?

Ummm...yes and no.
Sometimes you can be a great friend and other times you can be a selfish manchild.
I sometimes feel like a freeloader with no purpose in life when I'm with you and Natalie and Anna. Like I had no purpose in my life and I decided to hop on your wagon to see where it would carry me.
At least, that's how I feel sometimes about you. I'm pretty ambivalent on this. 
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 6 7
Question 8: M-Preg...
~Ask-NatalieEBF asked the following:
"What would you do if you were pregnant?"
Natalie! So that's your fetish, eh?
I would have thought you to be above those lecherous fangirls but it seems you proved me wrong. I didn't know you could be so perverted, especially in something that's anatomically impossible.
Now I've got something against you next time you accuse me of being a pedophile.
Oh, and by the way, the correct term is ephebophile.
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 7 18
Question 7: In Love with Anna?
~yasmyn64 asked the following:
"Lance, are fell in love with Anna? *w* ((LancexAnna))"

:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 9 100
Question 6: Weapon besides guns?
~kittimitti asked the following:
"Akay, another question! If you had to chose another weapon than guns, what would it be?"
My tank obviously.
If I can't use tanks, I'll use fuel tankers.
Just drive one into every wave of foes we get.
It'll be stupid and spectacular.
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 10 8
Question 5: Why no Army clothes?
~PtolemaiosLS asked the following"
"why are you wearing a common T-shirt and no army/war/guns related outfit?, you are a gun freak after all."
What kind of a question is that?
Are you saying we have to wear our battle gear 24/7? Come on, asking me that is like asking me if I carry a fifty-pound gun on my back when I use the restroom.
Naturally, we wear more casual clothes when we’re not in combat. I like wearing T-shirts with cargo pants. Matt apparently wears a tee over long sleeves with jeans, Anna prefers a polo with gym shorts, and Natalie...
Natalie likes to wear p-p-p-p...
Oh god, Natalie, stop waving your legs around like that. It’s indecent!
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 9 60
Question 4: Dated Anna?
~AnakinRose-Hedgehog asked the following:
"So Lance, I noticed there were pictures of you and Anna together. Were the two of you dating at some point?"
What kind of pictures? The fanart kind, or the actual kind?
No, we haven't dated. I mean, it would be awful if we had broken up or something.
I think there was one time where I considered going with her to some town festival about six months ago, but I was too sc-
Never mind. Too much information. Forget this ever happened.
Do you happen to still have these pictures with you, perchance?
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 5 4
Question 3: Fangirls?
~ragnaul asked the following:
"Lance, do you appreciate the fangirls or find them insufferable and ridiculous?"
I don't know whether you mean the ones I get around me or the real ones, so I’ll direct my answer at both groups.
Obviously, I’ve got quite the charm to attract a slew of girls at a time, if most of them weren’t so shy. Or if he didn’t get in the way. *grumble grumble*
And I guess the part I like the best is the first impression I make on them. That admiring look in their eyes that I instill in them...
And then comes the part I hate.
The actual fangirling.
It turns the hottest girl into a simpering loser who makes up fantasies pairing me with some other famous dude she idolizes or turning me into a girl in her mind or something else dementedly sick and fetishistic.
And yes, this has happened with both groups.
So to answer your question, both a
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 3 26
Question 2: Relationship with Matt or NoLegs?
~kittimitti asked the following:

"If you had to enter a romance with Matt or NoLegs, who would it be?"

You must be quite an unusual girl if you expect me to take this question seriously.
I dunno...NoLegs? So that we could have a platonic-ish relationship and then break up 5 seconds later.
It would take me half a minute to break up with Matt. He'll be spending the first 10 seconds slapping me on the back, thinking we just agreed to become "best buds for life."
The next ten would be taken up by me explaining what had actually happened.
The last ten would be spent by Matt in shock before he runs to the sink to dunk himself back to his senses.
And then a half-hour would be taken up by Natalie trying to console him and attempting to get him to stop crying.
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 7 15
Question 1: Thoughts on Group?
~liquidicewolf asked the following:

"What are your general opinions on the rest of the party? Including No legs."

Hmmm...that’s good for a first question. Let’s begin.
Matt, to be honest, is not very high on my “Favorite People” list. He’s got this idealism that’s very infectious, and he obviously has a lot of passion and energy in his life. Sometimes I look at him and I get jealous at how much he sees in life. The optimism he holds for life is a quality that everybody would want.
But beyond that, he’s a pretty boring person. His top three topics of discussion would be beer, swords, and beer. Not much to shoot the breeze with. And often he gets off on those weird tangents where he would propose one of his theories on how the world works. His lack of intelligence doesn’t help.
He was pretty sad when I told him last week that no, beer does not come from the Fountai
:iconasklanceebf:AskLanceEBF 8 37

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I'm pretty sure Pacific Rim will prove this. del Toro better not mess this up.

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